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Miss Taiwan World Pageants Application
Important Dates
Application deadline: We are accepting applications now. The deadline is June 20, 2011 or
sooner, if the quota is met before the deadline. Limited number of applications will be
accepted. First come , first served.
Pageant Night (Pageant Final and Coronation): Saturday, Aug, 20, 2011.
Pageant location: Culture Center of Los Angeles, 9443 Telstar Avenue, El Monte, Ca 91731,
USA. (They do not  accept application there.)

(a) Single female. (b) Age: 17 thru 30. (c) At least 12.5% (1/8) Taiwanese ancestry. (d) No
requirement on language, height, birthplace or residency.

How to Enter Preliminary
The application is processed on the “First come, first served” basis. We reserve the right to
stop accepting any applications, if the quota is met. Applicants should submit the completed
application as soon as possible but no later than the Application deadline. Please mail the
signed application form and entry fee (item a & b.). At the same time, email a copy of the
application with all other documents (item a, c, d and e) to
a.) A signed application form.
b.) Entry fee of $ 45. - (Non-refundable) check or money order payable to Miss Taiwan USA
c.) A copy of proof-of-age document. For example, copy of driver license, passport or birth
d.) Minimum of two photos, one head shot and one full-length shot. The photos must be
taken within the last 3 months. Casual photos are acceptable too.
e.) A letter of at least 300 words in English or Chinese to explain 1.) The reason why you
should be chosen Miss Taiwan
TM, 2.) What you would like to do as Miss TaiwanTM, if chosen.

Entering Final Competition
a.)        Miss Taiwan World PageantTM has absolute authority to decide and recommend
candidates to enter into the final competition as semifinalists.
b.)        Submit $300 final entry fee upon notification.
c.)        Each semifinalist will receive the Miss Taiwan World
TM training, 2 VIP tickets.
d.)        Queens and princesses will be chosen to represent Miss Taiwan World
TM, Miss Taiwan
TM, Miss Taiwan USATM, Miss Taiwan ArgentinaTM, Miss Taiwan CaliforniaTM, Miss Taiwan Michigan
TM, Miss Taiwan Washington DCTM, Miss Taiwan ArizonaTM, Miss Taiwan PennsylvaniaTM and Miss
TM of other regions at the Pageant Final. In addition, title holders of other areas will
also be officially crowned. They will receive the crowns, sashes, titles, scholarships, awards,
prizes and memorable experiences. Taiwan Goodwill Ambassadors will also be chosen. See for more information.

The above-mentioned items should be mailed to:
Pageant Director, Miss Taiwan Foundation
Please contact us, if you do not receive a confirmation within seven days from the
submission of your application. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us
at (310) 541-9719 (USA telephone number) or
To Apply

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