Accepting Applications for Miss
Taiwan World Pageants Now

Started in year 2000, Miss Taiwan TM Foundation has
held Miss Taiwan ® Pageants and continuously been
actively involved in all kinds of events. We are
accepting applications for the Miss Taiwan World TM
Pageant now.

This Pageant will be held in the summer with a Final
Pageant Night  in the Los Angeles area. More than
eight Taiwanese ladies will be chosen based on their
confidence, intelligence, beauty, personality and
overall presentation. There is no swimsuit and talent
competition. They are to represent the Queens and
Princesses of Miss Taiwan World
TM, Miss Taiwan
TM, Miss Taiwan USA TM, Miss Taiwan TM,
Miss Taiwanese
TM, Miss Taiwanese USA TM, Miss
Taiwan California
TM, Miss Taiwan Michigan TM, Miss
Taiwan Washington DC
TM, and Miss Taiwan TM of
other regions. Each title holder will receive a crown,
sash, scholarship,  prizes and a lifetime rewarding  
experience. Taiwan Goodwill Ambassadors
TM will
also be chosen at the Pageant Night. See the pageant
titles listed below.

This is a great opportunity for you to challenge yourself
and make your dream come true. Please apply as
soon as possible. Cause the application is
processed on the “First come, first served” basis. We
reserve the right to stop accepting any application, if
the quota is met before the deadline.  

Miss Taiwan TM Foundation is a professional
organization dedicated to Miss Taiwan World TM
Pageant and other related pageants. Both Miss
Taiwan TM and Miss Taiwan Foundation TM are well
known and recognized by the community. Please visit
EVENTS for our Miss Taiwan appearances. For more
information please contact Chairman Jack Liu of Miss
Taiwan Foundation TM at or
310-541-9719. Website
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Miss Taiwan World and Mr. Taiwan World
歷屆世界台灣小姐 Miss Taiwan World of the Years
Other Available Miss Taiwan Pageants Titles (Increasing)
World Titles 世界頭銜
Miss Taiwan World ™  世界台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese World ™ 世界台灣人小姐™
Universe Titles 環球頭銜
Miss Taiwan Universe ™ 環球台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese Universe ™ 環球台灣人小姐™
Galaxy Titles 星系頭銜
Miss Taiwan Galaxy ™ 星系台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese Galaxy ™ 星系台灣人小姐™
Milky Way Titles 銀河頭銜
Miss Taiwan
Milky Way ™ 銀河台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese
Milky Way ™ 銀河台灣人小姐™
International Titles 國際頭銜
Miss Taiwan International ™ 國際台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese International ™ 國際台灣人小姐™
Taiwan Titles  台灣頭銜
Miss Taiwan  ™ 台灣小姐 ™
Miss Taiwanese ™ 台灣人小姐 ™
Miss Taiwan USA ™ 美國台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese USA ™ 台美小姐™
Miss Taiwanese US ™ 台美人小姐™

More National Titles 其他 國家頭銜
Local Titles 地方頭銜
Miss Taiwanese California  ™ 加州台灣人小姐™
Miss Taiwan Taipei ™ 台北台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese Taipei ™ 台北台灣人小姐™

More Local Titles 其他 地方頭銜
Taiwan Goodwill Ambassador ™ 台灣親善大使™
Taiwan Goodwill Ambassador ™ 台灣親善小姐™
Miss Taiwan Earth ™ 地球台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese
Earth ™ 地球台灣人小姐™
直本著台灣小姐 ™ 基金會傳統宗旨,促進台灣在國際間的良好關係與多元文化交
護。世界台灣小姐™ 選拔已經開始接受報名,當報名名額額滿時,基金會有權提早停
幾位皇后們及公主們,來擔任™  ,台美小姐 ™  ,加州台灣小姐 ™ ,密西根州台灣
小姐 ™ ,華盛頓特區台灣小姐 ™ ,與其他區域台灣小姐 ™ ,等等的頭銜。同時也
將選出台灣親善大使 ™ 。詳見上列歷屆入選的台灣小姐們,及下列 選美頭銜 。  

詳情請洽台灣小姐基金會 ™ 董事長劉日興,電話310-541-9719,電郵,網站

Globe Titles 全球頭銜
Miss Taiwan
Global ™ 全球台灣小姐™
Miss Taiwanese
Global ™ 全球台灣人小姐™