I'm representing the Taiwanese community! [=
You and the Miss Taiwan USA Pageant have always continued to be in my heart. I did win the
Miss Congeniality award after all so I try to continually exemplify that congenial
attitude/personality as much as possible every day in everything that I do. I will never forget
the experiences from the pageant!
Miss Taiwanese USA Pageant Miss Congeniality Award winner 2006年
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Miss Taiwan World and Mr. Taiwan World Testimonials
More Testimonials! 更多評語與見證!  
More Testimonials! 更多評語與見證!  
非常感謝世界台灣小姐基金會給我這一個機會,在我成長的過程中,留下一個特別的經驗。 讓
我用我的頭銜去服務社會。 而我同時也在這個過程中,學習到很多! 我也要祝福今年親愛的台
I would like to thank Miss Taiwan World Foundation and chairman Jack Liu for giving me this
remarkable Miss Teen Taiwan World experience for the past year. I used my title to not only
giving to the society, but at the same time, learning the important lesson of life. I hope my dear
new pageant sisters of 2014 have a wonderful year as well!
2013 Miss Teen Taiwanese World Queen Jessica Chang  世界台灣人妙齡小姐皇后張嘉芸